Career Opportunities

The Following is a List of Our Current Opportunities:

If you have interest in pursuing any of these opportunities, we welcome the receipt of your resume and will contact you once we have reviewed your qualifications.




Details of these positions can be provided upon expressed interest:

Actuary, Annuities Pricing (ASA or Near ASA) (Mid-Atlantic)

Actuary, Life In-Force (ASA) (Mid-Atlantic)

Actuary, Manager, Health (ASA) (Mid-Atlantic)

Actuary, Model Development, LTC (ASA) (Mid-Atlantic)

Actuary, Model Development, Universal Life (FSA) (Mid-Atlantic)

Actuary, Model Development, Traditional Life (FSA or Near FSA) (Mid-Atlantic)

Actuary, Pricing (ASA, Near ASA) (Mid-Atlantic)

Analyst, Pricing (Near ASA) (Mid-Atlantic)

Assistant Vice President, Life In-Force (FSA, Career ASA) (Mid-Atlantic)

Director, Actuarial Services, Health (FSA) (Mid-Atlantic)

Director, Annuities (ASA, FSA, Near FSA) (Mid-Atlantic)

Director, Experience Studies, R&D (Career ASA, FSA) (Mid-Atlantic)

Director, Pricing (FSA) (Mid-Atlantic)



Details of the following position can be provided upon expressed interest:

Manager, Direct Marketing Analytics, Insurance (Upper Midwest)

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